Excerpt of THE DROP Now Available

Fans can now read an excerpt of THE DROP: 

"Dennis Lehane returns to the streets of Mystic River with this love story wrapped in a crime story wrapped in a journey of faith—the basis for the major motion picture The Drop, from Fox Searchlight Pictures directed by Michaël Roskam, screenplay by Dennis Lehane, and starring Tom Hardy, Noomi Rapace, and James Gandolfini.

Three days after Christmas, a lonely bartender looking for a reason to live rescues an abused puppy from a trash can and meets a damaged woman looking for something to believe in. As their relationship grows, they cross paths with the Chechen mafia; a man grown dangerous with age and thwarted hopes; two hapless stick-up artists; a very curious cop; and the original owner of the puppy, who wants his dog back. . . ."

Click here to read the full excerpt

FaceOff Short Story Anthology Now Available

Edited by #1 New York Times bestselling author David Baldacci and including stories by Dennis, Michael Connelly, Lee Child, and more, this one-of-a-kind anthology pulls together the most beloved characters from the best and most popular thriller series today. Patrick Kenzie faces off against. Harry Bosch in “Red Eye,” by Dennis and Michael.

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The Drop Now Avail for Pre-Order

Dennis Lehane returns to the streets of Mystic River with this love story wrapped in a crime story wrapped in a journey of faith—the basis for the major motion picture The Drop, from Fox Searchlight Pictures directed by Michaël Roskam, screenplay by Dennis Lehane, and starring Tom Hardy, Noomi Rapace, and James Gandolfini.

Three days after Christmas, a lonely bartender looking for a reason to live rescues an abused puppy from a trash can and meets a damaged woman looking for something to believe in. As their relationship grows, they cross paths with the Chechen mafia; a man grown dangerous with age and thwarted hopes; two hapless stick-up artists; a very curious cop; and the original owner of the puppy, who wants his dog back. . . .

Available for pre-order now, on sale September 2, 2014. 

Boston Public Library wasn’t the target...

When the bombs went off at the Boston Marathon last year, my first glimpse of the incident, via a shaky TV camera, was of the corner of the Boston Public Library. My first thought — wholly unformed — was: Whoever did this hates knowledge. In that moment, I had no idea that the intended victims were Marathon runners and spectators; I thought the target was the library. Time has proven me incorrect about the library but not, I feel, about the knowledge. All fanatics hate knowledge. And when I say knowledge, I’m speaking of the unfettered, unrestricted kind. The kind that isn’t easily contained or easily defined. The kind that doesn’t fit in a jar.

Read the rest of Dennis's Boston Globe op-ed here.

VISITATION STREET by Ivy Pochoda of Dennis Lehane Books - In Paperback

Chosen by Denis Lehane for his eponymous imprint, Ivy Pochoda’s Visitation Street is a riveting literary mystery set against the rough-hewn backdrop of the New York waterfront in Red Hook. On sale in paperback on April 15, 2014... anywhere fine books are sold:

It’s summertime in Red Hook, Brooklyn, a blue-collar dockside neighborhood. June and Val, two fifteen-year-olds, take a raft out onto the bay at night to see what they can see.

And then they disappear. Only Val will survive, washed ashore; semi-conscious in the weeds.

This shocking event will echo through the lives of a diverse cast of Red Hook residents. Fadi, the Lebanese bodega owner, hopes that his shop will be the place to share neighborhood news and troll for information about June’s disappearance. Cree, just beginning to pull it together after his father’s murder, unwittingly makes himself the chief suspect, but an enigmatic and elusive guardian is determined to keep him safe.

Val contends with the shadow of her missing friend and a truth she buries deep inside. Her teacher Jonathan, a Julliard School dropout and barfly, wrestles with dashed dreams and a past riddled with tragic sins.


Dennis Lehane to Adapt Eliot Ness Drama Series

Deadline broke the story here

"Famous prohibition agent Eliot Ness wasn’t even 30 years old when hit the pinnacle in his career by taking down Al Capone with his law enforcement team dubbed The Untouchables. The following two decades of his life are the subject of Ness, a drama series in development at WGN America from The Blacklist duo of Sony Pictures TV and Davis Entertainment. The project is based on Douglas Perry’s biography Eliot Ness: The Rise And Fall Of An American Hero, which is being published next week. The adaptation will be written by renowned crime novelist Dennis Lehane (Shutter Island; Mystic River; Gone, Baby, Gone), with Sony TV-based Michael Dinner (Justified) set to direct. The two are executive producing with Davis Entertainment’s John Davis and John Fox.

Ness will follow is the real (and untold) story of Ness post-Untouchables when he became the top cop in Cleveland, the most dangerous city in America during the 1930s. He spent the next decade fighting the mob, his own corrupt police department, and a serial killer on the streets. All while battling his alcoholism, serial philandering and the constant need for acclaim. (Ness was broke and an alcoholic when he died from a massive heart attack at 55 in 1957)."

Dennis Lehane Books: Visitation Street

The second novel to be released under the Dennis Lehane imprint is now available in bookstores, online and through your e-reader.  

VISITATION STREET by Ivy Pochoda tells the story of two teens from the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn who take a night time trip out on a raft into the bay.  Only one comes back, washed ashore and semi-conscious. 

The Last Bookstore in Los Angeles will also host Dennis and Ivy on Thursday night, July 18, 7:30 p.m.  The Last Bookstore is located on the ground floor of 435 South Spring Street. The event is free and open to the public.

Get your copy of VISITATION STREET now via your favorite book seller.

LIVE BY NIGHT receives 2013 Edgar Award for Best Novel

LIVE BY NIGHT receives the Edgar for Best Novel of 2013 at the Awards banquet held in New York on May 2.

See the list of winners here and as reported in the NY Times and the Boston Globe.

LIVE BY NIGHT Garners Gold in Florida Book Awards

Dennis Lehane divides his time between the West Coast of Florida and Boston.  As a resident of Florida, his novel garnered the gold medal for general fiction in the annual Florida Book Awards.

Read Colette Bancroft's article in the Tampa Bay Times.

LIVE BY NIGHT in top 3 of Readers Choice Awards at The House Of Crime and Mystery

Jacques Filippi is the co-founder of the QuebeCrime Writers Festival, and creater of The House of Crime and Mystery site.  The site recently unveiled the results of best crime novel of the year in their 1st Annual Readers Choice Awards and LIVE BY NIGHT snared the #2 spot in the United States.

The UK's Daily Mail calls Dennis Lehane the Crime Writer's Crime Writer

According to the UK's Daily Mail, Dennis Lehane's "spare, stark edge... lifts it into the truly great class."

Read more.

Dennis Lehane Garners Spot in List of Hollywood's Most Powerful Authors

The Hollywood Reporter states that "Books remain the most durable source of content for films and TV" and lists Dennis Lehane in the top 25 of Hollywood's most powerful authors.

Read full article here.

The Book Report interview

Dennis Lehane spoke with The Book Report about Live By Night.

Listen here.

Dennis Lehane signs as Creative Consultant for HBO's Boardwalk Empire

"A funny thing happened after Boston best-selling author Dennis Lehane wrote a book about bootlegging: HBO called and offered him a job as a ... 'creative consultant' for Season 4 of its bootlegging drama 'Boardwalk Empire.'"

Read more at The Boston Herald...

NY Times Sunday Book Review

Curious about Dennis Lehane's favorite books about Boston, or which book he'd recommend to the President?  Read "Dennis Lehane: By the Book" in the NY TImes Sunday Book Review.


LIVE BY NIGHT: Ranks as one of the best books of 2012

Publisher's Weekly chooses LIVE BY NIGHT as one of the best books of 2012

See the entire list.

The Boston Globe Arts Profile: Dennis Lehane

In a front page profile piece, The Boston Globe speaks with Dennis Lehane and his contemporaries on how his novels break the mold of crime fiction, and what works have influenced him.


Live By Night makes Amazon.com's Best of October 2012 Kindle eBooks list

Browse this month's editors' picks, including LIVE BY NIGHT, at Amazon.com's Best of October 2012 Kindle eBooks list.

Live By Night on IndieBound's Bestsellers and Next List!

Dennis Lehane's newest novel is in IndieBound's Next List of the Top 10 recommended reads from IndieBound's booksellers and is a bestseller to indie readers nationwide.

"Argo"'s Ben Affleck eyes Live By Night

Ben Affleck, who made his directorial debut with the Gone Baby Gone in 2007, has his sights set on LIVE BY NIGHT for his next directing vehicle. 


Cold Hard Football Facts on Patriots.com Radio speaks with Dennis Lehane

In this 10/17/12 edition of Cold Hard Football Facts, Kerry Byrne tackles the NFL with an all-out blitz of stats, data and commentary that challenge conventional football wisdom. Patriot great Kevin Faulk and our own Dennis Lehane (interview starts at 1:27) joins the show as special guests.

Google Play from Google+ speaks with Dennis Lehane about reasons for writing about rum trade in LIVE BY NIGHT

Watch this video to hear first hand from Dennis Lehane why he chose rum trade and Ybor City as the backdrop for LIVE BY NIGHT.

Costco Connection picks LIVE BY NIGHT as Book Buyer's Pick of the Month

Costco Connection's October 2012 issue calls LIVE BY NIGHT a book for all "readers who appreciate top-notch writing".



The Washington Post gives praise to LIVE BY NIGHT

Bill Sheehan of The Washington Post gives LIVE BY NIGHT due praise, "With its fresh, precise language, its acute sympathy for the passions that shape — and sometimes warp — its central characters and its lovingly detailed recreation of an earlier age, “Live by Night” transcends the familiar and assumes an unimpeachable reality of its own."


Dennis Lehane & "The Given Day" on Access Hollywood

 Billy Bush of Access Hollywood talks to Dennis Lehane about "The Given Day".

Watch video...

South Florida Sun Sentinal calls LIVE BY NIGHT a "masterful novel"

Oline H. Cogdill of The Seacoast Sentinal calls LIVE BY NIGHT "a masterful outing by an author known for superior storytelling."


The Denver Post calls LIVE BY NIGHT a "scorcher"

"No one writes crime fiction like Dennis Lehane. Great ones are practicing the craft with their own take, but when it comes to capturing a working-class surround that yields both heroes and villains — both of whom may be on the wrong side of the law — Lehane is without match. His stories are built around his characters' lives and resulting decisions."


One of the Best Books of Fall 2012!

Publishers Weekly calls Dennis Lehane's LIVE BY NIGHT one of the Best Books of Fall 2012!


Kirkus Reviews

"Power, lust and moral ambiguity combine for an all-American explosion of fictional fireworks.  The novel builds to a powerful series of climaxes, following betrayal upon betrayal, which will satisfy Lehane’s fans and deserves to extend his readership as well."


An utterly magnetic novel on every level

In their starred review, Booklist declares LIVE BY NIGHT "... an utterly magnetic novel on every level, a reimagining of the great themes of popular fiction—crime, family, passion, betrayal—set against an exquisitely rendered historical backdrop."


Tampa Bay Times Review

"LIVE BY NIGHT" takes on big subjects — race, class, money, religion, friendship, family, violence — by embedding them in irresistible storytelling about a compelling, conflicted and mordantly funny man."


Tampa Bay Times Festival of Reading and Dennis Lehane

Carson Cooper from WUSF Public Media's "Florida Matters" discusses the festival, along with Dennis Lehane's appearance at the festival, with Tampa Bay Times' book editor, Colette Bancroft. This audio clip includes Dennis Lehane's LIVE BY NIGHT reading from his "Morning Edition" appearance.

Dennis Lehane speaks with WBZ's Jordan Rich

Hear Dennis speak with WBZ's Jordan Rich on CBS Boston, WBZ, which originally aired Saturday, October 13, 2012.

Dennis Lehane heard nationally on NPR's "Morning Edition" and on Boston NPR's "Here and Now"

If you would like to hear either of Dennis' two appearances on NPR, you can hear them both via the links below.

Morning Edition, originally aired Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Here and Now, originally aired Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dennis Lehane with Jim Braude and Margery Eagon, WTKK 96.9FM

Dennis spoke live with Jim Braude and Margery Eagan on WTKK 96.9FM.

Listen to the podcast on News Talk 96.9 from their 10/5/2012 show.

Scotland on Sunday rates LIVE BY NIGHT

Scotland on Sunday says Dennis Lehane's LIVE BY NIGHT "should put his name where it belongs, right up there alongside Doctorow and Dreiser.Doctorow and Dreiser."


NY Daily News Review

"LIVE BY NIGHT belongs somewhere in a realm where Mario Puzo meets the Bible. It’s a morality tale, but in keeping with the best of those, it’s complex and layered and damnably entertaining, too."


Graduation speaker, author Dennis Lehane, demonstrates how a career is shaped by life experiences

On Saturday, September 29, Dennis spoke at Northeastern University's Biannual College of Professional Studies Graduation Ceremony.  See video coverage of the entire ceremony, including Dennis' speech.

Rum, romance, fuel Dennis Lehane's latest

"Dennis Lehane’s 10th novel hits the shelves tomorrow, a tale of rum and romance, gangsters and revolutionaries — and the Dorchester homey says “Live By Night” is one of his Top 3."

Read more in Boston Herald's Inside Track as they gain insight from the man himself on LIVE BY NIGHT.

The Scoop: Dennis Lehane Details His Journey

The Boston Herald's Inside Track got the inside scoop during Dennis' visit to the Joseph M. Tierney Learning Centerin South Boston.

Dennis Lehane has words of wisdom for Southie kids

Best-selling author Dennis Lehane spoke to several dozen kids from South Boston Friday as part of a literacy event organized by Action for Boston Community Development. (“ER” actress Maura Tierney also made the scene.) The “Mystic River” author, whose new novel, “Live by Night,” comes out in a few weeks, talked about his boyhood in Dorchester and factors that turned an average student into a successful author.


October 2 is The Best Book Day of 2012

Publishers Weekly declares October 2nd to be The Best Book Day of 2012 and Dennis Lehane's LIVE BY NIGHT tops the list!


Advance praise from book sellers across the country

Cody Morrison, Square Books, Oxford, MS
A stunning achievement. I can’t wait for the book to come out and have the pleasure of putting it into readers’ hands. I may even have to read this one again when it is
published this fall.
Annie Philbrick, Bank Square Books, Mystic, CT
Gritty and gripping. Lehane has written an spic tale of crime, love and betrayal. Live by Night will blow your socks off.
Bill Cusumano, Nicola’s Books, Ann Arbor, MI
Dennis Lehane continues his brilliant chronicle of 20th century America with a powerful story set in the Prohibition era. What sets him apart is not just the strong plot and characters, but an ability to perfectly evoke the society of the time for foreshadowing his society of the future.
Josie Leavitt, Flying Pig Bookstore, Shelburne, VT
A fast-paced thrill ride so vivid that you can practically feel the Florida heat and taste the rum. A totally enjoyable tale that I was sad to see come to an end.
Ellen Meeropol, Odyssey Bookshop, South Hadley, MA
Another sharp and edgy novel from Lehane, set at the dark edges of business as usual in the unsettled decades after The Given Day, this is crisp writing with moments of surprising tenderness. Above all, Dennis Lehane can really tell a story.
Jerry Brown, The Bookstore, Radcliff, KY
Dennis Lehane has created an enduring epic saga full of wonderful bad guys and femme fatales worthy of being compared to The Godfather.
Merry Cutler, Annie’s Book Stop, Sharon, MA
My interest was captured with the first paragraph.
Darwin Ellis, Books on the Common, Ridgefield, CT
A fascinating portrait of a deliciously sinful low point in American history—ironic that in its cause can be traced to the influence of religion on government, an error soon rectified.
Angie Self, Country Bookshop, Southern Pines, NC
A wonderfully written epic tale.
Dana Schulz, Snowbound Books, Marquette, MI
There’s a certain drive and freshness to Lehane’s work. He challenges himself to explore new territory and I, for one, will happily follow him anywhere.
Deon Stonehouse, Sunriver Books & Music, Sunriver, OR
Reading a page of Lehane’s latest is like stepping into a time machine and being transported to the prohibition era, it feels that real.
Michael Hermann, Gibson's Bookstore, Concord, NH
Wow, just finished the new Lehane (coming in October)—LIVE BY NIGHT. These are some of the best scenes and best characters ever written into a gangster novel.
Tova Beiser, Brown University, Providence, RI
In LIVE BY NIGHT Dennis Lehane has once again created a world packed with vivid characters, suspenseful action, and chock-full of his trademark gritty, honest dialogue, this time set during Prohibition. Lehane tackles race, class, justice and honor, and has written another non-stop, thoroughly engrossing, historical page turner. Smart, funny, larger-than-life, this sweeping novel will carry the reader away.
Nancy McFarlane, Fiction Addiction, Greenville, SC
LIVE BY NIGHT is an unforgettable, beautifully written story of how gangsters operated during the turbulent time of prohibition told by following the life of self proclaimed outlaw Joe Coughlin. The story of Joe’s life is an epic tale of love, friendship, loyalty and redemption even in a world of betrayal, violence and revenge.
J.B. Dickey, Seattle Mystery Bookshop, Seattle, WA
Where THE GIVEN DAY was a large, David Lean-like saga, LIVE BY NIGHT is a big story writ small, shot in close-up, a national story told through nine years in one man's life like B-movie film noir that outlasts the blockbusters. It is a grand and timeless story of love and hate, revenge and fear and hope, as well as folly, greed and the age-old question of whether it is possible for anyone to outrun their fate or outrun a bullet.
If his predecessor in writing deserved a stylistic moniker, so should he. I would say we need to have the term "Lehanian". For if Chandler is one of the brightest stars in the literary universe, surely Dennis Lehane's will be seen to shine just as brightly and his works will be celebrated just as deservedly as they're read and re-read over the decades.  Lehane’s writing is both disarmingly poetic and serious, even as it makes you smile.
Bruce Henningsgaard, Birds Books, Rosemount, MN
Definitely a worthwhile read, but then again everything Dennis has written has been a worthwhile read.
Sue Richardson, Maine Coast Book Shop, Damariscotta, ME
Lehane's ability to submerse his readers into a world unknown to us is extraordinary. Joe Coughlin and the rest of the characters have stayed with me since finishing the last sentence.